Those of us living in the western world seem to have lost key parts of ourselves in the materialism of the world around us.  Somehow we have become separated from our essence, that part of us that recognises our place in the divine whole.  We seem to have mislaid our ancient abilities of communicating with plants, trees and animals as we once could, and seem to have replaced these gifts with objects hoping to find a sense of belonging.

It is now, in this time of heightened vibrations, that we need to reconnect with these long lost gifts, and once again step into them and call them our own.  We need to become beacons of light for our children so they can find the balance between the natural world and technology.  

With divine guidance Shelley will lead you on an intimate personal journey, helping re-discover those aspects that are not really lost, but just forgotten.  In this journey of divine remembering, our true power and light live.  

Understanding ourselves as integral parts of Mother Earth, we now remember the tools we can use to once again be in total accord with the natural world around us.  We recognise once more how the energies of each one of us affect the whole, reconnecting us with the web of life.  From here, we come to honour the crucial part the animals, trees and plants play in assisting humanity.

Guided by Divine Intelligence, Shelley offers workshops, private consultations and readings that assist her clients discover, connect and live their personal Sacred Soul Journeys.

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