Sacred Shields represent spiritual guidance as well as physical protection.  Traditionally hand-crafted in leather, they are decorated with different animals and symbols that add power to the wearer.  In this way, the bearer is able to identify with, and develop, the sacred attributes of the animal in his or her life journey.  The shields can also be attached to a hoop for ease of hanging, or kept as a sacred bundle.

Medicine Bags are similar in their representations, with one or more spirit animals painted on the front and underside of the bag.  These are designed to hold personal sacred objects for ceremonial or personal use, and can be created with, or without, a shoulder strap.

I undertake commissions to create these custom artworks.  This includes the personal readings from the Spirit Animals, where I add  personal sacred objects of the client into the sacred shields and medicine bags, thus making them more powerful.

Sacred Shields and Medicine Bags

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