Shelley offers readings using her Sacred Soul Journey Cards.  These beautiful cards, with her original paintings and their divine messages, facilitate positive shifts and assist you in moving forward through your personal challenges.  The Medicine of Colour and Numerology, as well as the Medicine of Animals, Spirit Guides and Orbs, become part of the the reading.  

These readings can last from an hour and a half to 2 hours.


A private consultation where you work intuitively with colour and shape, creating a pattern loosely based on Medicine Wheel teachings.  No previous experience in working with colour is needed.  These patterns are then interpreted so you can understand your journey at this time, what you are being guided to step into, and the gifts you own.

Shelley is also able to assist you in making changes to the patterns that will allow for personal growth and empowerment.

 A consultations can last anything from 2 and a half - 4 hours.


Shelley offers this Medicine Journey on your behalf, connecting you to whichever of your personal Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Spirit Animals step forward at this time with a message for you.  The elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, relate to the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental bodies, providing answers to personal challenges you might be experiencing.  This session includes a report back through a personal consultation.


Here Shelley facilitates your Journey to one of the other worlds, where you have the opportunity to connect with your personal Spirit Guides and find the answers to questions you may have.  In this deeply personal Journey you will be introduced to the signs and symbols unique to yourself.  See how Spirit guides you through your challenges, connecting you more deeply to your inherent strengths and gifts.  Your Spirit Animals, Guides and Ancestors you meet on your travels will step forward with messages pertinent for your Earth Walk at this time.  This session includes preparation time, your Journey, and a personal consultation.


 You may then choose a further option in having a custom made Sacred Medicine Bag, Pouch or Shield created for you, painted with one or more of the Animals that have come forward for you at this time.  These Sacred objects are decorated with your choice of beads, shells, bones, feathers, etc relating to your personal Life Path number as well as the messages you received.

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‘I am honored to call Shelley my friend and facilitator of personal transformation for many years now.  I visited her in her beautiful studio in Hermanus a fortnight ago and had the privilege of a private consultation through the teachings of the medicine wheel.  Finding appropriate language to describe the experience of transformation, healing and growth through the medicine wheel teachings is challenging and words elude me. With Shelley’s divinely inspired guidance and insight on this journey of transformation, it is a truly unique and inspiring experience that left me in awe.  I love my Sacred Soul Journey deck and eagerly await the Sacred Medicine Journey.

 Thank you Shell! - Madeleine de Klerk

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