Connect you to your Spirit Animals / Create your Personal Medicine Shield

Join Shelley in beautiful natural surroundings, connect to nature in a profound manner, and explore your deep connection to the world around you.  

With Divine Guidance of your Angles and Ancestors, Shelley will help you connect with your personal Spirit Guides that have a message for you at this time.  This profound experience will provide you with tools for your unique journey, and nudge you to step into your gifts.

Connecting with your Spirit Animals, and the comfort you can draw from their energy, will create a ripple effect through the whole of your life.  

The 2 day workshop culminates in you creating your Personal Medicine Shield in an atmosphere of silence and prayer, allowing you to create a physical manifestation of your Inner Vision.


How do we keep our balance in a world that no longer appears to understand what either we or the planet desperately need at this time.  Much of what we are told no longer seems to make any sense - the old order appears to be crumbling.  Many of us have become aware of the huge shifts taking place within us, which are mirrored in the world around us, and how hard it is at times to keep our balance.  Much of the world appears out of control, leaving us confused and apprehensive.  It is time to connect with our Sacred Power.

Our task is not to replace the Patriarchal system with the Matriarchal, but rather, to bring the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine into balance.  As the sun and the moon sit in opposite houses, the workshop begins with understanding the energy of Libra - which deals with love and relationships - and comes to completion in bringing everything back to the centre, the soul, in perfect balance.

Divinely guided to assist in balancing these energies, Shelley Adams presents a workshop on colour, numerology and the astrological movement of the sun and moon.  Related to the Feminine i.e. cycles, emotion, water and intuition.  Combining these energies with the Sacred Soul Journey Wisdom cards presents young adults, and the young at heart, us in finding our way and becoming torch bearers for the planet.


An ancient healing and transformational tool, the Medicine Wheel serves as a physical manifestation of our spiritual journey.  Beginning with Divine spirit in the centre, the energies travel outward, encompassing every aspect of ourselves, before once again gathering those energies into a central focal point.  And so we find balance, focus and healing.

This two day workshop presented by Shelley Adams combines the Medicine Wheel with colour, numerology and the sun and moon astrological movements.  With the support of her Sacred Soul Journey wisdom cards, Shelley shows you how to access your personal Medicine Wheel, finding the animals, plants, stones and crystals that hold a personal message for you on the different points of the Wheel.


Over the course of this workshop, Shelley offers the participants a unique personal experience, focusing on the Sacred Journey of their personal Earth Walk and the manifestation of their personal realities.  Utilising the medicines of colour, numerology and the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Shelley brings groups together to receive their personal messages of divine guidance.  This process provides an opportunity for each person to discover and connect with their own unique spirit guides including power animal, stone, crystal and tree spirit guides.  

Shelley offers this intimate journey over 2 days, using the medicine of colour as a basis for this journey with Spirit Animals relating to the the elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

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‘I met Shelley at exactly the right time and deep in the heart of a magical forest....for a significant shift to start to take place in my thinking and udnerstanding...and it did.  Gently, encouragingly, nurturingly - and with no little humour and laugher - Shelley opened my eyes to the power which lies dormant within me.  I have since attended follow up courses with Shelley and each time my eyes and heart are further opened to the potential which lies within me.  How to make sense of lessons I have been sent.  I am filled with gratitude towards Shelley for so gently and lovingly assisting me.  This she has done and continues to do with her deep knowledge, astuteness and understanding and, above all, great empathy and sensitivity for her fellow humans, her students.  

Quite simply, Shelley is a wonderful spirit, a natural leader...and a teacher who lovingly creates a safe and comfortable space to gain a greater understanding of what has gone before and to embrace the possibilities of what is yet to come...Our authentic power.  

Thank you Shelley!’ - Fred Hartman