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Medicine Dreaming

Many of us have lost key parts of ourselves through social conditioning and the race for progress and the material gains of the world around us. Separated from our essence, that part of us that recognizes our place in the Divine whole, we seem to have mislaid our ancient abilities of communicating with plants, trees and animals as we once could, hoping to find a sense of belonging by replacing them with material objects,.

It is now, in this time of heightened vibrations, that we need to reconnect with these long lost gifts passed on by those who have come before us and call them our own.  We need to become beacons of light for the children and those coming after us, so they can find the balance between the natural world and technology. Above all, we need to honour and respect nature, our Ally and support in this remarkable journey called life. 

Gathering from all areas of the rich tapestry of her life experiences, Shelley offers intimate, divinely guided personal sessions through journeying, readings, ceremonies and divinations. Re-discover those aspects that are not really lost, but just forgotten.  In this journey of divine remembering, our true power and light live.  

Understanding ourselves as integral parts of Mother Earth, we now remember the tools we can use to once again be in total accord with the natural world around us.  We recognize once more how the energies of each one of us affect the whole, reconnecting us with the web of life.  From here, we come to honour the crucial part the animals, trees and plants play in assisting humanity. How the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air support and nourish us, the Celestial Beings and Ancestors guide us.

Shelley offers workshops, group sessions, ceremonies, retreats and private consultations.

Sacred Soul Journey Deck

After being made aware of the profound effect my artwork has on others, I have been divinely guided to publish the Sacred Soul Journey Cards, a pack of wisdom cards with 36 of my original paintings and their divinely inspired messages. I now offer in-depth workshops on deeper visionary approaches to understanding the messages inherent in the cards. At present, I am in the process of writing a book of myths where the artworks themseles are thes storytellers. The book is based on the Medicine Wheel teachings, the Medicine of Colour, and also includes teachings from Celtic, Native American, African, Aboriginal and Egyptian sources.


Medicine Journeys, Readings, Divinations

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Medicine Shields and Bags

Much of my work centres around creating and painting custom Sacred shields or Medicine Bags. I begin with a meditation journey where I am divinely guided to work with an aspect of the client and connect with the spirit animals that have a particular message for the person concerned. These messages from the animals incorporate some degree of personal transformation and healing. I am also taken to a place which, in discussion with the client, proves to be of significance.

I also offer personal one-on-one journey sessions where the client undertakes their own journey to the beat of the drum. Time is spent finding the relevant question, the answer to which will facilitate assistance with a particular challenge they might be facing. Should they wish, the client can then choose to have the animals painted on a Medicine Bag or Sacred Shield. These shields and pouches are decorated with a combination of shells, beads, bones, crystals, feathers, as well as personal objects supplied by the individual concerned. The numerology of the client’s birthdate is also worked into the final product if desired.


Sacred Soul Journey Deck

Sacred Medicine Bag 

Sacred Medicine Shield 

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