I have had the honour and pleasure to live and work in Hermanus, South Africa, for a number of years, and during this time have managed to establish myself as an artist, teacher, and facilitator of personal transformation through the Medicine of Colour and the Medicine Wheel teachings.


I have been given to understand that everything in life is medicine, from the clothes and jewellery we are guided to wear, to the world around us, including plants, animals, rocks, etc.  Our relationship with ourselves also determines our relationship with those around us.  My task is to help others become aware of the constant Divine messages being given to us through the world around us, through the medium of animals, plants, as well as the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  To this end, I offer various workshops where I assist others in connecting to their divine guidance through working together with their personal spirit animals, plants, trees and crystals.  I offer courses, classes, readings and personal consultations based on the Medicine of Colour and the teachings of the Medicine wheel.

* Medicine Dreaming            * Dream Weaving

* Ancestral Dreaming          * Shadow Unveiling and Re-Weaving


The Journey Begins…..


Why Choose Journey Medicine


I absolutely love my Spirit Journeys with Shelley.  She is such an amazing facilitator of the process of connecting with your guides and finding the answers to your questions.  The way she understands what you need to hear and also gives such valuable insight into what you experience during the journey.  Every time I have been on a journey with Shelley, I received such clear insight and answers to my questions, this is truly life changing stuff! Thanks Shelley for providing us with a sacred and safe space to enjoy the blessed time with our guides. (Yolandi Boshoff)

‘I met Shelley at exactly the right time and deep in the heart of a magical forest….for a significant shift to start to take place in my thinking and understanding…and it did.  Gently, encouragingly, nurturingly – and with no little humour and laugher – Shelley opened my eyes to the power which lies dormant within me.  I have since attended follow up courses with Shelley and each time my eyes and heart are further opened to the potential which lies within me.  How to make sense of lessons I have been sent.  I am filled with gratitude towards Shelley for so gently and lovingly assisting me.  This she has done and continues to do with her deep knowledge, astuteness and understanding and, above all, great empathy and sensitivity for her fellow humans, her students.  

Quite simply, Shelley is a wonderful spirit, a natural leader…and a teacher who lovingly creates a safe and comfortable space to gain a greater understanding of what has gone before and to embrace the possibilities of what is yet to come…Our authentic power.  

Thank you Shelley!’ – Fred Hartman

‘I am honored to call Shelley my friend and facilitator of personal transformation for many years now.  I visited her in her beautiful studio in Hermanus and had the privilege of a private consultation through the teachings of the medicine wheel.  Finding appropriate language to describe the experience of transformation, healing and growth through the medicine wheel teachings is challenging and words elude me. With Shelley’s divinely inspired guidance and insight on this journey of transformation, it is a truly unique and inspiring experience that left me in awe.  I love my Sacred Soul Journey deck and eagerly await the Sacred Medicine Journey book.

Thank you Shell! – Madeleine de Klerk


I first encountered Shelley Adams through her inspiring, uplifting paintings, and later through her Sacred Soul Journey Medicine Cards which I use as an integral part of my spiritual practice.

Shelley created a beautiful, custom Medicine Bag for my young son, journeying with him to find his spirit animals, which she then painted onto his hand-made leather pouch. He found this very empowering and helpful at a difficult time in his life, and his Medicine Bag is a treasured, magical talisman to him.

I have been privileged to share both a workshop and a personal Journey with Shelley. During the workshop Shelley shared numerous tools to help us connect to Divine Guidance, and our innate wisdom and intuition. The personal Journey with Shelley was a profound and life-changing experience, revealing my Spirit Animals and guides, and giving me unique tools to use in my daily life.

Shelley has supported and mentored me through major life changes and challenges, always in her grounded, open-hearted, non-judgmental way. She offers a patient ear, gentle guidance, wisdom and clear-sighted honesty. Shelley works with integrity, clarity and consciousness, beautifully holding space and inspiring those around her, – a teacher, healer and a blessing in my life.

Gill O’Sullivan

Shelley has the gift of the medicine women who you can go to when you are lost, in search of meaning, direction, healing, inspiration or transformation. Even when you just don’t know, she knows and will help you find your guardians, angels & spirits to show you the way, your true path.

 Shelley is kind, compassionate warm and understanding. Even if this is all too unfamiliar for you, she will gently reveal to you your inner and outer resources available to you for your journey through life. She connects us with animal and ancestral spirits to share their wisdom and guidance with us who forgot how to listen and hear from them.

 Shaman Shelley will guide you to (rediscover the true you) and awaken to your true essence. Shelley is like a graceful owl looking out for us. With those big insightful eyes and 360 vision she can see the way; you only need to ask.

Leoni Viljoen





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